About Venice

There is much interesting information about the city of Venice in Italy. The city has a rich history in fashion, literature, and art. It is unique in that the city is actually spread out over 117 islands in the Adriatic Sea that are connected by hundreds of bridges and canals. Approximately 270,000 people call this city home, and they all get around without cars. Transportation in the city relies almost entirely on waterways, and it is the largest city in Europe that functions without the use of automobiles.

The city gets the majority of its money from tourism and from building ships. Venice became rich through trading silk and spices in the middle ages, and was well known as a center for art during the Renaissance period. Because of its closeness to the water, seafood has a large part in the diet of most people who live in Venice. They are renowned for their marinated eel but also use the rice and vegetables used in many of their dishes.

Venice has a storied history in literature. It had one of Italy’s first printing presses, and has been inspiring writers and authors for hundreds of years. Othello, by Shakespeare is set in Venice, and Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice also takes place in the city.

The city has had an influence on fashion and style, although not quite on par with other European cities like Paris or Milan. Shops and stores abound in Venice, and it is an ideal place to purchase items by Roberta di Camerino, one of the premier fashion brands in Italy.

Venice has perhaps one of the most unique atmospheres of any city, with the only way to get around being by boat or by walking. You can see the unique styles in some of the buildings that are hundreds of years old that combine elements of Byzantine, Gothic, and Arabian architecture. The iconic image about Venice may be that of a happy couple enjoying themselves in a gondola on a peaceful moonlit night, but the city can often be crowded. As you learn more and more about the city of Venice in Italy, you will understand why it remains one of the most distinctive and unique cities in the world. It is certainly worth a visit.

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